Bohemian Raphsody / Bohémienne Rhapsodie - 2022

Far away, the darkness blazes with mysterious fire. Left to its fate, the old circus drifts inexorably towards the forgotten suburbs of the french capital. Homewer, from this strange wessel comes a bewitching melody. Joyful, sad, she breaks the silence and without prejudice, invites us like an offering of fortune. Under the celestial vault, Django Reinhard and Manitas de Plata vibrate the strings of their guitars, invoking the memory of their exiled people. Gypsy Jazz and Flamenco then mingle in a crasy round with a taste of eternity. The notes dance with the flames of the brazier, soon joined by drunken shadows. It is the time of the Gypsies, the time of passions, laugher and tears. Time to love each other until the end of the night.

Au loin dans le ciel, une mélodie familière nous invite à nous rapprocher... sans préjuger.

    Laurent  Chéhère