Laurent Chéhère is a French artist born in Paris.

He likes exploring cities, suburbs, countries, as he likes exploring all the fields of the photography, from Reportage to conceptual image.

His Flying Houses series is the most remarkable result of this inner quest.

Since 2012, they have toured the world and landed in many prestigious places.

Selected exhibitions

Arte in Salotto Gallery, Milano 2023

Forni Gallery, Bologna 2022

Paris-Beijing Gallery 2012

Pingyao Photo Festival 2012

Galeria Lume Sao Paulo 2013,

ParisPhoto 2013, 2018, 2019,

Fototropia Guatemala 2013,

Seoul Lunar Photo Festival 2015,

Photo Phnom Penh Festival 2013,

Lumiere Gallery Moscow 2015 and 2021

Fotografica Festival, Bogota Museum 2015,

Caumont Art Center, Aix-en-Provence 2015,

Lishui Art Museum 2015

The Fence New York Festival 2016,

Tianjing Academy of Fine Arts 2016

John Michael Kohler Arts Center 2017,

Format 17 Photo Festival, Derby 2017,

New York Hudson River Museum 2018,

Muceum of Civilisations of Europe & Mediterranean Marseille 2017,

Commerter Persiehl & Heine Gallery, Hamburg 2018,

New York Lehman College Art Galllery 2019

Tokyo Institute of Photography 2019

Miami Coral Gables Museum 2019,

Rencontres d’Arles 2019,

PhotoBasel 2020,

Xposure Festival United Arab Emirats 2021

Positions, Berlin 2021,


An art book titled the Flying Houses was published in french-english language by Kehrer Verlag and the participation of Commeter Persiehl & Heine Gallery in 2018.

Un livre d’art intitulé the Flying Houses fut publié en langue français et anglaise aux éditions Kehrer Verlag avec le concours de la galerie Commeter Persiehl & Heine en 2018.


Arte TV documentary 2018

BBC The Culture Show 2013

Selected publications

Time LightBox 2013,

Beaux-Art Magazine 2012,

The Daily Mail 2012,

La Repubblica 2013,

The Guardian 2015,

The Observer 2013, 

Huffington Post 2014,

Vanity Fair Spain 2013,

Time Magazine 2013

O’Globo 2012,

Polka Magazine 2013,

The Telegraph 2014,

Il Post 2014,

Vogue Russia 2015,

Photo Magazine 2017,

Foto Magazin 2018,

Vogue Italy 2018,

Amica Magazine 2019,

El Pais Semanal 2019,

    Laurent  Chéhère